We touched down in Singapore at 4.20pm – Singapore time.

Our wonderful 1896 tour representatives met us at the airport and after a quick drive, we arrived at our accommodation at Orchard Road’s YMCA.

We then walked across the road and found a place to eat dinner.

It’s now time for bed.

From all of us in Singapore, goodnight!


6 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Dinner looks like it was good. What did you have? Was there a variety to choose from? Looks like some of you have already been using chopsticks. Well done! Hope you all get a good rest after your long day today and have a fun day tomorrow 🙂

  2. Hello Jayda and Elise, I’m so happy to see your smiles. It looks like your having a good time 🙂 Love Mum x

  3. Have a wonderful day today – can’t wait to see some photos! Try some local cuisine Lilly! Love mum xx

  4. So glad to see you all of your bright smiles. Have a great time exploring today. Cant wait to see more photos.
    p.s Mckenzie, i can see you have a bottle of water. Drink up missy!
    Love mum and dad xxxx

  5. Hi everyone, it looks like you are having an amazing time. Maggie says the food looks great. Phillip would like to know, ” How was the flight over?” We all hope you have had another great day and we look forward to seeing lots more photos, from your classmates in Grade 6N

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