Sentosa Island and so much more…

Today we travelled across to Singapore’s Sentosa Island (on the monorail) with our guide J.P.

Once we arrived, the team posed for a photo at Universal Studios, visited the Images of Singapore (interactive exhibition), enjoyed Subway for lunch, visited Madame Tussauds, dipped toes in pristine waters and walked along the most beautiful sandy beaches. We then enjoyed Sentosa’s illuminating light and sound show ‘Wings of Time’ on the beach. (As Riley said, “There are no words to describe how good that show was.”)

After an exciting day, we returned home to the YMCA to rest before another busy day at Singapore Zoo tomorrow.

All in all, we have had another great day. But don’t just take my word for it! Check out the video messages from the kids below. 👇










* Some students preferred not to record a video message on the way home (as they were feeling too tired). We’ll try again tomorrow. 😊

10 thoughts on “Sentosa Island and so much more…

  1. Hi Darcy. I see you didn’t do a video. That’s ok. I enjoyed watching the other kids. I hope you’re having an awesome time. It sounds fantastic. Love mum p.s Collingwood won 😉

  2. Hi Ethan. We saw your video at 6.30 this morning. We have been checking the blog every day to see what you have been up to. It looks like you are all having so much fun, even if it is really hot. And yes it is freezing here at the moment. And just to let you know, Fynn has hay fever. He will be ok. Love you Mum and Dad xoxo

  3. Thanks for the videos kids. What an amazing time you are having. Hope you enjoy breakfast with the orang utans. Looks like a lot of fun. I love watching orang utans playing around. Am sure there will be some giggles about their funny antics. Look out for the proboscis monkeys at the zoo too. Such unusual creatures. Bri – do you remember seeing them when we stayed in the jungle in Borneo? Happy shopping later today too! Looking forward to seeing some pics of the orang utans

  4. Hi Riley
    It was great watching your video, it looks and sounds like your really enjoying yourself. Have an awesome time at the zoo today. Keep the photos coming!!
    Zahra said ” I love you and I miss you. I wish you would come home today.”
    Dad said “He loves and misses you very much, so glad to hear your having a ripper of time.”
    Aiden said “Hi Riley, I miss you. I’ve been sleeping in your bed every night!”
    Love you ❤️❤️❤️
    Mum, Dad, Aiden and Zahra zoo
    P.S- your basketball team won

  5. Hi Mckenzie
    I just loved watching your video message, you definitely look hot and bothered. We’re all very jealous that you’re off to have breakfast with the orang utans today. Cant wait to hear all about it.
    Love you
    Mum, Dad, Logan and Cooper xxx

    1. Hey Kenzie,
      Looks and sounds like you’re having a brilliant time! (Not so good about the sweating ). Keep the photos coming

      Lots of lots of love from your favourite Aunt

  6. Hi Bri
    Looks like such a amazing trip so far did you find any interesting shells on your walk at the beach?Have fun at the zoo today im sure you all will. Are you having fun taking photos with your camera? Ill look forward to updates on your adventures.
    Lots of love from aunty bec xx❤

  7. Hey Bri,
    Sounds like you’re having an awesome time! We made dumplings for dinner last night but it wasn’t as good as actually having them in Asia. Hope you had a great time having brekky with the orang-utans this morning 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Phoebe xxx

  8. Hi Alisha!.. Loved seeing you on video!! …. I can see you’re mussing us sooo much..Infact..As much as a sore thumb!!! … So great to see you having so much fun!! It looks so lovely and hot! Keep having fun chicki babe!.. Yes..also ur Boofie Bird is all good and chirpee!!… He loves me more now because I’ve been his new mummy!!! Hehehee!! XX

  9. Jayda and Elise, Missing you both.. are you missing us? The house is so quiet without you!! It looks like you’re having a great time in the warm sunshine, its been cold and dismal in Melbourne!! I’m soo envious that you got to see the elephants, theyre my favourite! how was your breakfast with the orang-utans?? I cant view the videos on my work computer so ill check them out tonight when im home from work. Have a beautiful day, I love you both so very much. Mum Xxx

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