7 thoughts on “Sentosa Island in pictures…

  1. Thanks for the photos and it’s great to see the kids on video (hint to you Lilly)! Wishing you all a wonderful day @ the zoo – keep cool and treasure every moment
    Mum, Dad, Ellen and Sophie xx

  2. Hi Lilly, Keep building up many happy memories, with lots of photos to reinforce them,
    they will be greatt to look back on, in years to come! Love you! Nanna & Ed

  3. Hi Josh. Loving the photos. It all looks fantastic. Enjoy every minute as everything is same same here. Love you . Love mum, dad and the tedster. Xx

  4. Great Photos!!.. Looks so beautiful and warm over there!.. Alisha…I am sitting at home with my ugg boots on and thick coat!.. I am soooo jealous of you all!!… Keep having fun everyone and soaking up that sun!
    Leanne!! (Alisha’s mum!)

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