A “Thank You” To Parents

Hi there Parents.

Thank you again for the many comments and messages you have been sending us over the last five days. Your children enjoy hearing what you say – and are only a little embarrassed by all the virtual hugs and kisses. 😉

As we’re out from dawn to dusk, students haven’t had time to reply to your messages via text. I have been recording videos and I’m trying to upload as many as I can on the YMCA’s hotel Wi-Fi. But as with our previous trip’s Skyping experience, the Wi-Fi can be flakey here.

Everyone is enjoying their time in Singapore though. This really is a trip of a lifetime!

One thought on “A “Thank You” To Parents

  1. Fantastic!!!.. Looks like soooo much fun!!!.. Just letting you all know..3 days here if being cold and raining!! … So keep enjoying that warmth and culture!.. You teachers are doing such a WONDERFUL job!.. A HUGE credit to you all!!
    Alisha’s mum!!

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