In Their Own Words – Volume 1

Question: What have you learnt about Singapore thus far?

Jayda – “I’ve learnt that the Merlion [at Marina Bay] weighs seventy tons. That’s pretty heavy.”

McKenzie – “I have learnt that Singapore’s food is delicious.”

Lilly – “The official language in Singapore is Malay.”

Darcy – “Singapore is clean and very different to Australia.”

Brianna – “In Singapore, they don’t have Prep. They start school in Year 1.”

Elise – “I learnt that Singaporeans speak better English than us because we use Aussie slang and they don’t.”

12 thoughts on “In Their Own Words – Volume 1

  1. Hey Bri,
    Looks like you’re having an awesome time! The weather looks beautiful over there compared to here. If they don’t start school until year 1, do they have a year 13?
    Lots of love
    Phoebe xxx

  2. McKenzie, so glad to hear that you are trying their food. You must remember your favorite so we can make it at home.
    love you
    Mum, dad and boys xxx

  3. Hey Kenzie, glad to hear you are having so much fun and enjoying so many new experiences. Hope you have taken plenty of photo’s to show when you get back. See ya later in the week. Love Dad and Mum.

  4. Hi Darcy
    Wow! What a fabulous time you’re all having. Such an incredible experience. Keep having fun everyone and I’m looking forward to you telling me all about it when you return home.
    Love Nana & Pop xx

  5. It’s freezing here, I wish I was there in the heat! Enjoy you guys!
    Have you tried eating roti? I love eating roti, I use to have it for breakfast nearly every day when I lived in Malaysia (the neighbouring country), you can ask for roti with sugar… yum! Love seeing all the photos!
    With lots of love, Miss Tan

  6. Hi everyone, Anakin says it looks really hot there, everyone seems to be sweating! Lachlan hopes you are all having a great time. Brooke hopes you are all having an amazing experience. Maggie wants to know how different is Tampines P.S to our school?
    We love seeing all the photos. Keep enjoying yourself everyone, from your classmates in Grade 6N

  7. Hi Josh, I hope you had fun at the school today and used your manners when you were with you host family. Have a great time on the Flyer tomorrow. I think the views will be spectacular. Lots of love us xxx especially Teddy

  8. Hi Lilly
    Hope you had a great day today at the school and enjoyed the time with your host family. Bet you’re all looking forward to that swim in the pool. Can’t wait to see your photos –
    Love Mum Dad Ellen Sophie Lucky and Holly xx

  9. Hi Ethan, We hope you have had a great time at the Tampines Primary School. Did you ask if Jacinta’s buddy was still there? And does she remember her? What did you do with your host family? What types of food have you been trying and which has been your favourite so far?

  10. Hiya Alisha AKA Nick name : “LOL” ..Short for “Lolly Legs!”.. I told you I woukd say it Alisha!!! .. Love you loads sweety!.. I admire you so much for being for taking this trip with your wonderful teachers and friends!.. I am so much looking forward to hearing all about your wonderful travels! You kids are all so very lucky to experience such a great adventure! Love to u all! XX

  11. Hi Riley
    How are you? I hope you had fun at school and with you host family today. Can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Thinking of you ❤️
    Mum xox

  12. Hi Ethan. How was your day? Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Have you been shopping yet? ( that was from Jacinta :)) love you
    Mum, dad and Jacinta xxoo

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