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Every year, as part of this wonderful cultural experience, the students attending the Singapore trip visit Tampines Primary School. This is an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the lives of students from another country – and even meet and visit a “host” family – a family selected by Tampines Primary to teach the student’s about Singapore for an evening at their home or other significant location.

Tampines Primary School is dedicated and committed to providing a quality holistic education for every child with emphasizes on high academic standards, a deep appreciation of the aesthetics, a strong character development and comprehensive co-curricular programmes. Our efforts are driven by our vision to enrich each child beyond limits and to love him/her beyond measure.
We firmly believe that every child who is entrusted to us, is like a Tampines seedling, can be nurtured to be deeply rooted in our core values of being resilient and adaptable, pursuing excellence and be driven by the passion for learning. Under our tender loving care, each child grows and matures to be life-long learners of good character, ready to take on challenges and be successful even after their 6 year learning journey in Tampines Primary School.
Today’s experience was no different – it was just as fantastic as every other year! We were welcomed by Tampines Primary with open arms. ūüôā
The students had an amazing day. They attended different classes at school, participated in numerous fun activities, explored the six story school and were simply buzzing with excitement after¬†returning home from their ‘host’ family visit this evening.
From all of us in Singapore,
Goodnight. 😊

3 thoughts on “Tampines Primary

  1. Hi Ruairi,
    We loved your video message. Did you sleep well after such a jam packed day? What did you do at Tampines today? Did you have a lovely time with your host family too? Love Mum, Dad, Liam and Ewan xx

  2. Hi Bri
    Hope you have another fun filled day today a bit of pool time will be so refreshing with all that warm weather miss you.
    love aunty bec

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