From Singapore with Love

Click this link: to hear all about the student’s amazing adventures with their host families. 😊

Everyone had a fantastic night. The host families could not have been more generous or welcoming.

What a night. 😊

17 thoughts on “From Singapore with Love

  1. Hi Ethan it’s great to see you had fun with your host family. You will have to tell me all about it when you get back. So what is your favorite food so far?

  2. Thanks for the video Mr Kelly. What a fantastic time you all had with your host families. Have another wonderful day today at Tampines primary school. I bet you are all looking forward to the swim in the pool today to cool off! Enjoy

  3. Lovely to hear about the host family visits – I bet you had fun with the little kids Lilly. How did they know you love fish and chips?Look forward to seeing all the bargains you got- keep smiling xx Mum Dad Ellen Sophie Holly and

  4. Hi Ethan. I’m glad you had fun with your host family. Jacinta is looking forward to hearing about your time on Sentosa Island. Love mum xxoo

  5. Hi Bella, We are so happy & proud of you. You seem to be having a great time & done a lot of sight seeing. Can’t wait to hear all about it! A big thank you to all the teachers for all their hard work & a special thanks to Mr.Kelly for keeping us updated & making us a part of this journey through the photos, videos & messages. Enjoy, have fun & we wish you all a safe return home!
    Mum, Dad & Abigail

  6. Hi Bri, sounds like you had fun with your host family. Your mum has told me that your your homeward bound flight path should fly over Broome, we will still be here so will give you a wave as you pass over. lol Nan & Gordon xxx

  7. Hi Guys,
    We wish we were there with you, it looks amazing. We hope you are all having a ball and soaking up the sun. We have so many questions for you when you return.
    Enjoy your last few days and we will see you soon.

  8. Hello Mckenzie. Looks and sounds like you had a great time with your host family.
    Very spoilt indeed. Cant wait to see how today went. Counting down til we see you
    Love mum, dad, logan and cooper xxxxx

  9. Hi Alisha!.. WOW!.. Looks like you had a fun time with your host family!.. Today they sent me a lovely email with some photos of you and Mackenzie! ..I can tell they were a lovely family who showed you much kindness and spoilt you!!… I know you won’t want to come back home!!!
    Love ya loads!! XX

      1. OHhhh really??.. Does Mackenzie know ur email address Karlene?. I am guessing Alisha gave them mine…Or maybe they thought both girls belonged to me!!! …Send me ur email address and I can send them onto yoU! XX Cheers Leanne! 🙂

        1. She should do, she knows everything else haha. That would be awesome thank you. Have messaged it through to you on messager.

  10. Thanks for the great video Mr Kelly, its wonderful to hear about all the great adventures. Sounds like you had an amazing day Ruairi. Love Mum, Dad, Liam and Ewan xx

  11. Hi my beautiful girls, I was very happy watching this video, the families seem very lovely and welcoming. I hope you enjoyed your time with them. Only one more sleep before you come home. Cant wait to see you both!! Love Mum x

  12. Hi Josh, you are just too cute ( embarrassing huh ). Enjoy your last night. Cannot wait to see you tomorrow. Love mum and dad xxx

  13. Heya Alisha!.. See you tomorrow night!! I bet ur sooo much looking forward to coming back?!! Heheheee!!!.. Safe travels! SEE YOU SOON!! XX

  14. Hi again Alisha!.. Finally worked out how to watch the video re’your day out with your host family!.. I could tell you were sooo excited and did heaps of fun things together!… Aswell as get to buy something special each! Lucky girls!! … Looking forward to hearing ALL about it when you get back!! XXOO

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