National Day

After an alfresco breakfast at the YMCA hotel, we all headed back to the rooftop pool for a swim.

After two hours of swimming, everyone packed their bags and headed to the spectacular Gardens by the Bay.

Everyone had a fantastic time exploring the flora and fauna of the gardens.

As the sun set on Singapore, everyone enjoyed the National Day celebrations.

After a fantastic and busy day, we all headed back to the YMCA to get some rest before our long flight home tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “National Day

  1. Looks like you all had another great day. Have a safe flight home everyone and make sure you pack something warm to put on when you arrive back into Melbourne. Looking forward to seeing you Bri and giving you a great big hug. Can’t wait to hear lots more about your trip and seeing the pics you took with your camera. Love Mum, Dad and Phoebe xoxo

  2. You all look like you have had a great time. And McKenzie I’ve noticed you still have your camera. Let’s hope you weren’t like your brother and left it somewhere hahaha! Counting down the hours til we see you. Enjoy your flight and will see you on the other side. Love you mum, dad,Logan and cooper xxxx

  3. Looks like another amazing day in Singapore- the gardens look spectacular. Wishing you all a safe trip home and looking forward to seeing you come through those doors at Melbourne airport tonight Lilly Love Mum Dad Ellen Sophie xx

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