Day One: It’s about the journey, and the destination.

Hi all, just a short post tonight as most of the day was spent in the air (and waiting in departure lounges), and also because we are all absolutely stuffed. The day can be summarised as follows:

After leaving our loved ones we funneled through to our lounge where we began a looooooooong wait for our flight to be called. Upon hearing our rows being summoned we leapt up with furious anticipatory energy and sprinted to our seats, our feet barely touching the ground. Then, breathlessly, we sat.

For hours.

And hours.

And hours.

Then we arrived! We were met by our wonderful guides who arranged some eats for us, even though we were extremely well fed on the plane. We left the air-conditioned comfort of Changi Airport and were instantly punched in the face by the humidity. One of the highlights of the day was the bus trip from the airport to the YMCA in our tricked-out double-decker bus (complete with sub-woofer!).  On this trip, at the exact instant that we crested a rise and were blessed with the full Singapore city skyline, two military fighter jets and a massive military jumbo jet flew in formation across the panorama. Was an incredible moment and it felt like it was scripted just for us.

Anyway, all you need to know is that everyone is now safely tucked up in bed for some well deserved sleep. By the time you read this, I’m sure we’ll be preparing for our first venture into the city.

Oh, and we ate icy poles on the plane that stuck to our lips (see photo).

Night all,


12 thoughts on “Day One: It’s about the journey, and the destination.

  1. Finally I can see comments, what a brilliant start on arrival- a double decker n jets flying. Sounds like you guys have have arrived on a red carpet.Have an Awesome day and looking forward reading the blogs.
    Ella- wonder was covered in mites (fleas) she’s back at amazing Amazon and the manager is looking after her until i treat wonder’s enclosure. So now wonder is having a holiday like you minus the red carpet experience.
    Luv to you

  2. So glad you are all having a great time.
    I hope someone fed Haddon as he is always starving.. missing you my boy xx

    Looking forward to reading the next update.

  3. Hello there Team LODGERS,

    Firstly, fantastic photos! You all look like you’re having a brilliant time.

    Secondly, Mr Pryor – I’m sure you’re enjoying the luxury of having a room all to yourself this year, but I’m equally sure you’re missing my company.

    Hope the weather is holding up for you all! We’ve had some weekend rain here ☔️ .

    Enjoy your week in Singapore! ✈️

    Mr Kelly.

  4. We hope you had a great first day Will. Glad to hear you all arrived safely. Love Mum, Dad, Zac & Liam xoxo

  5. Okay.. Yep.. Have now worked out how to navigate this blog/comments etc! ..
    You all look sooo happy!.. I bet that’s because you’re all FINALLY out of Melbourne’s freezing cold weather!!…
    Hey Nathan!.. Guess what??!… Dad’s jealous because you got to see “fighter jets”!!.. That would have been AWESOME!!… Keep having fun!!… And don’t throw “Mr Bean Bear” in the bin!!…. He wanted to come with you!!
    Cannot wait to hear ALL about your wonderful trip!!
    Love Mum, Dad & Alisha!

    1. Hi Mum,
      I’m having SSOOOO much fun at Singapore. We have been to the Singapore Zoo, had a tourist day and have had Buffet breakfast every morning. This has been so much fun. Thank you for letting me go. Ohh and “thank you” for putting Mr bean bear in MY SUITCASE, IM ANGRY! hopefully your having fun down at Melbourne without me.
      NatHhan XXOO.

      1. Hiya Nathan!!
        YAY!.. We are so glad you are enjoying yourself!!… Dad and I went to the Singapore zoo many, many years ago!.. I remember it being absolutely beautiful!!.. I hope you took “Mr Bean Bear” with you so he could see all the animals too!! 😂🤣😜…
        Keep having loads of fun and enjoy those buffet breakfasts!!.. YUM!!.. It’s cold & raining here today!!… It’s not fair!!!.. I want to be where you are you lucky boy!!!
        Love ya loads!.. Give Mr Bean Bear a hug from me!!!! Heheheheeeee!!!! (Are u embarrased yet??!!)
        Love from
        Mum, Dad & Alisha!! Xo

  6. Yay!! So happy you guys have arrived safely! We spent the day checking how your plane was moving along the flight tracker & Spence did suggest that there was either something wrong with your plane or it had got lost because it was taking soooo long to get there!! Hahaha! Have an amazing first day exploring! xxx

  7. Thanks for the update Mr Pryor! Very glad to hear you all arrived safely, it’s great to see all those smiling faces! Looking forward to reading the blog throughout the week to see what adventures you’ve been on. Have an amazing time everyone and enjoy every minute of this awesome experience! Have fun! Miss you already Aiden x

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