Home Bound

After a great breakfast at the YMCA, we are on the road – or sky – home. Can’t wait to see you in Australia tonight. Flight SQ 217 arriving at approximately 8pm.

In Their Own Words – Volume 2

Isabella- “I have really enjoyed everything here and the food is absolutely amazing. I love everything except for the heat.” Samudra – “I loved spending time with my host family with Brianna. We went to Gardens by the Bay! It was beautiful!” Mckenzie- “I have enjoyed everything that we have done so far! Especially going with my host family to Gardens by the Bay! It was an amazing afternoon. It has been wonderful!”

National Day

After an alfresco breakfast at the YMCA hotel, we all headed back to the rooftop pool for a swim. After two hours of swimming, everyone packed their bags and headed to the spectacular Gardens by the Bay. Everyone had a fantastic time exploring the flora and fauna of the gardens. As the sun set on Singapore, everyone enjoyed the National Day celebrations. After a fantastic and busy day, we all headed back to the YMCA to get some rest before our long flight home tomorrow.

Return to Tampines Primary

This morning, we returned to Tampines Primary for an early breakfast at 7am. The school ensured there was food and drink aplenty and made us feel very welcome once again. After breakfast, we proceeded to the “National Day” celebration assembly – with both the primary and secondary school students of Tampines. We were welcomed as honoured guests and enjoyed the patriotic assembly. The assembly extended into the great hall where the primary school students (and their teachers) performed a series of songs and dances. After the assembly, it was time to go home. The students were farewelled by Miss Tay … Continue reading Return to Tampines Primary

From Singapore with Love

Click this link: https://vimeo.com/228670438 to hear all about the student’s amazing adventures with their host families. 😊 Everyone had a fantastic night. The host families could not have been more generous or welcoming. What a night. 😊

Tampines Primary

Every year, as part of this wonderful cultural experience, the students attending the Singapore trip visit Tampines Primary School. This is an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the lives of students from another country – and even meet and visit a “host” family – a family selected by Tampines Primary to teach the student’s about Singapore for an evening at their home or other significant location. Tampines Primary School is dedicated and committed to providing a quality holistic education for every child with emphasizes on high academic standards, a deep appreciation of the aesthetics, a strong character … Continue reading Tampines Primary

A “Thank You” To Parents

Hi there Parents. Thank you again for the many comments and messages you have been sending us over the last five days. Your children enjoy hearing what you say – and are only a little embarrassed by all the virtual hugs and kisses. 😉 As we’re out from dawn to dusk, students haven’t had time to reply to your messages via text. I have been recording videos and I’m trying to upload as many as I can on the YMCA’s hotel Wi-Fi. But as with our previous trip’s Skyping experience, the Wi-Fi can be flakey here. Everyone is enjoying their time … Continue reading A “Thank You” To Parents

In Their Own Words – Volume 1

Question: What have you learnt about Singapore thus far? Jayda – “I’ve learnt that the Merlion [at Marina Bay] weighs seventy tons. That’s pretty heavy.” McKenzie – “I have learnt that Singapore’s food is delicious.” Lilly – “The official language in Singapore is Malay.” Darcy – “Singapore is clean and very different to Australia.” Brianna – “In Singapore, they don’t have Prep. They start school in Year 1.” Elise – “I learnt that Singaporeans speak better English than us because we use Aussie slang and they don’t.”

Live From Singapore Zoo!

Live Update #1 G’day from Singapore. It’s 10.56am in Singapore and we’re at Singapore Zoo. After a delicious breakfast, we’re now sitting at the Zoo’s Splash show waiting to see the seals. 😊 … … Live Update #2 Wow! That was a fantastic show and the students had a great time. (Of the hundreds of people attending the show, Mr Pryor was selected (for a second year in a row) to partake in the wet and wild action – but more on that later. (Some photos need to be saved exclusively for the photo book. 😂)) … Live Update #3 … Continue reading Live From Singapore Zoo!

Sentosa Island and so much more…

Today we travelled across to Singapore’s Sentosa Island (on the monorail) with our guide J.P. Once we arrived, the team posed for a photo at Universal Studios, visited the Images of Singapore (interactive exhibition), enjoyed Subway for lunch, visited Madame Tussauds, dipped toes in pristine waters and walked along the most beautiful sandy beaches. We then enjoyed Sentosa’s illuminating light and sound show ‘Wings of Time’ on the beach. (As Riley said, “There are no words to describe how good that show was.”) After an exciting day, we returned home to the YMCA to rest before another busy day at … Continue reading Sentosa Island and so much more…