National Day Celebrations By Katie

On Tuesday, Singapore had a National day and we were lucky enough to be in Singapore at that time!! The National Day celebrations lasted all week. Everyone was dressed in red and white because red and white are there national colours. That afternoon when the celebrations started there was a Singaporean lady singing, then talking, then singing again, then talking and then she stopped all together. At 6.30pm the actual celebrations started. Some of the celebrations that they had were the national flag being pulled across the sky. There were 3 different helicopters.  The one that pulled the national flag … Continue reading National Day Celebrations By Katie

National Day

On Tuesday we celebrated National Day with the Singapore people. There was lots of people there.  We got there very early so my friends and I played a game of Pictionary for a while. Then after that the show soon stated. There was an army helicopter  flying around with the camera that put the show and parade on a big TV. In fact there was lots of  helicopters and there were 5 jets. The jets were really really loud and then skydivers came down with the smoke coming out from the back of the parachutes. After all that there was helicopter … Continue reading National Day