Day 5 – Sentosa Theme Park

Wed – Sentosa from Lois Smethurst on Vimeo. On Wednesday morning we celebrated Cailan’s birthday in the cafe of the YMCA. After that we headed off to catch the train to Sentosa Theme Park, stopping at Vivo City for lunch. At Sentosa, we first explored the Wax Museum which tells the Story of Singapore and after that we headed off to explore the island. We ended the day on the beach watching the laser lights and pyrotechnics called the Song of the Sea.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa is Singapore’s main island resort. We spent the whole day and only saw a small part of it. We particularly enjoyed the Images of Singapore and felt this would be important for students to visit but we also visited the Aquarium, the Merlion, Tiger Sky tower the Pink Dolphins, The Sound and Light Show, and the Beach. Getting around Sentosa is easy with free buses and the Sentosa Express monorail that takes you from one main attraction to another. There is a variety of food at very reasonable prices. The resort is still under development but is visually attractive … Continue reading Sentosa Island