Day 7 – The Singapore Zoo

A visit to the  Zoo is always a highlight of a trip to Singapore. We started the day watching the elephants bath, hand feeding them some treats and being entertained with their cheeky games of splashing the tourists. Our next stop was to have breakfast with the Orangutans. Throughout the day we watched the shows that are designed to teach and entertain the visitors which included the seals, elephants and many other zoo inhabitants. All the animals are trained by giving them food rewards for participation. It was a very hot day and so we bought large frozen drinks and … Continue reading Day 7 – The Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

On Friday,  we to the Singapore Zoo.  We got our tickets and went inside. It was quite different to the zoo in Melbourne. We walked around looking at some of the animals and then went to where the elephants were bathing. They were mischievous  by splashing water at us. We got to feed them oranges, bananas and apples. We had breakfast with the orangutans and got photos with them.Then we went to the “Splash Seal Show”. The seal’s name was Phillip. He did a few tricks and then the host aked for a  few young volunteers. We all put our hands … Continue reading Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo Well my favourite bit about Singapore was probably the zoo. When we got there we had to wait for our tickets as our guide went to get them , we got in and we went for a walk to the elephants bath which was great. We all got to feed the elephants , we stayed there for about 30 minutes and  watched them get bathed. We then went to have breakfast with the orang-utans which was awesome. I got a photo with orang-utans and we got a group photo with all of the people that went to … Continue reading Singapore Zoo

Elephant’s Bath

When we arrived at the Zoo it was too early for breakfast so the one of the zoo keepers suggested that we watch the elephants take their bath. It was amazing. We were on a small bridge overlooking the pond that they swam in. The keepers talked to them and then encouraged and helped the visitors to feed the elephants. The money for the food is put towards the elephant’s care and upkeep. I would not miss this if I was to go to the Singapore Zoo. Elephants’ Bath at the Singapore Zoo from Lois Smethurst on Vimeo.

Breakfast with the Orangutans

You can have breakfast at the Singapore Zoo in their restaurant. The food is good but the best part is that they invite the orangutans to visit so while you are eating your eggs 0n toast you can see and hear all about the orangutan conservation program in the zoo. Orangutans at Singapore Zoo from Lois Smethurst on Vimeo. Different orangutans come on different days and are encouraged to visit with food treats, however they have a choice and might choose not to come at all. The orangutans sit just outside the restaurant and you can have your photo taken … Continue reading Breakfast with the Orangutans

Shows at the Zoo

We went to see Splash Safari and Rainforest Fights Back, two of the three shows at the Zoo. The Zoo is well equipped with amphitheaters and every seat is a good seat. The shows are entertaining and educational and it is nice to sit and rest as the heat makes walking around the zoo quite a challenge at times. Manatees from Lois Smethurst on Vimeo. Before the show starts you can see the manatees swimming around. They are very friendly and came right to where we were standing. There were eight manatees in the pool including the babies that had … Continue reading Shows at the Zoo