Day 3 – The Zoo and more.

Hello Families! Well, we are the end of day three and we are tired but satisfied. Today began with an absolute feast at the Singapore Zoo. We enjoyed a massive all you can eat buffet with the Orangutans.

Next we headed to “The Splash Zone”, where Pedro the Sea Lion proceeded to drench us all as he showed off his skills in the water. The Elephant show taught us about the majesty and the vulnerability of Sri Lankan and Malay Elephants. The Rainforest rescue show  explored the threats facing many different tropical species. There were beautiful birds, mischievous monkeys and giant pythons.We checked out the White Tiger, before jumping on a tram and doing the express tour of the rest of the zoo.

In the afternoon we finally received some welcome down time. We spent an hour resting in our rooms, writing in journals, playing cards and writing online replies to our loved ones.

At five we drove to the Bugis Market, a huge market in Little India. The kids put their haggling skills to the test as they hunted out bargain after bargain. Before heading home for the night we were treated to a beautiful meal at The Straits Restaurant. Bellies full, we checked out the lights of the city as we drove home to the YMCA, and our beds.

Big day tomorrow, off to Sentosa Island! Chat to you all later.


Mr.P, Miss Mac, Ms Maskery & Mrs Zammit


6 thoughts on “Day 3 – The Zoo and more.

  1. Oh, the memories! The Zoo was definitely a highlight from my trip to Singapore in 2013 and 2017.
    Thanks for the updates Mr Pryor.

    Mr Kelly

  2. The splash zone sounds like so much fun, definitely what you need to cool you down!

    Interested to see what you bargains you were able to haggle, Alana.

    Loving all the pics!

  3. Wow..!! What a busy day you have all had. Can’t wait to see some more pics. I hope you didn’t get mistaken for an orangutan Hadz..!!

  4. All this food. Mr P and Jeb are gunna have to come for some rides with me to lose that weight! 🙂

    @ Jeb – Looks so fun bud. Hope you’re having a blast

  5. All of the photos are awesome!! Thank you Mr P for persevering with the gremlins!
    Have a great time at Sentosa Island! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Love ya Lachs xx

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